Archana Puran Singh says – she had to hide her marriage for four years

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Archana Puran
Archana Puran singh is right now judge on The Kapil Sharma Show. She recalls the time when she and her husband Parmeet Sethi hid their marriage for four years from everyone. While on this she  states that they did it because Parmeet Sethi’s parents were not agreeing to their marriage.

It was a beautiful evening when Neha kakkar and her husband Rohanpreet Singh joins the team of Kapil Sharma. Kapil asks Neha and Rohanpreet about this marriage became successful this early. As Neha shares her story, Archana Puran Singh also shared her story in front of them. She states that though Parmeet’s parents were not agreeing for their marriage, but Parmeet Sethi was adamant that he wants to marry Archana.

She also addresses that Parmeet is someone who does what he wants at any cost. After this, She tells that after they both decides to get along together, they consults a priest. She addresses that priest asked if Archana Puran Singh was ‘balik’ or not, to which Parmeet Sethi replies that she is much more ‘balik’ than her. While all this was happening, Archana was sitting in the car itself. After that the priest asks them to come the next day. Archana Puran Singh memorises the moment. She says that while on those days she was shooting for Saif Ali Khan’s Debut film.

She addresses that she was happy that there was no presence of social media then, else they couldn’t have hide their marriage. Archana and Paremeet got married in 1992. It was much before Parmeet came into limelights with his tremenduous performance in 1955 in ‘Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaenge’.

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