The Kapil Sharma Show: Rohit was revealed in front of Suryavanshi

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The cast of the film Suryavanshi is coming up this weekend of The Kapil Sharma Show which will perform. Kapil is known for creating moments where celebrity guests openly talk to each other about their personal and professional experiences during their shoot days.

The episode will coincide with the hit on-screen duo of Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif, who will return to the silver screen after a decade with the country’s biggest action director Rohit Shetty and producer Karan Johar. Rohit will appear on the show revealing some unknown facts about each other.

When Kapil asked Rohit to share some stories about Akshay Kumar and his experience working with the star, Rohit narrated an incident and said, “We were shooting the film in Hyderabad for several days and shooting After completion, a pre-determined advertisement was to be shot but unfortunately due to heavy rain, we could not shoot all the scenes.

Nevertheless, the next day, Akshay said that he would shoot the film first, and then the shooting of the advertisement. He continued this for the whole day, and with so much dedication that he did not even eat his food all day. “

He added that “He is such a great superstar, who does not easily tell us that he could not shoot the film because of his other line up, but he did both things very easily. He is very devoted. The hardworking person who completes so many films in a year is an inspiration to everyone, rather than the young actors of today, who think a lot before taking projects or choosing scripts. And two or three years pass by like this.

Ahead of the show, Akshay Kumar and Rohit Shetty spoke of the hard work and honesty they put into protecting the city and the country, the director-actor duo worked closely with them and even told that our police day How does night work?

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