Chief Sivan says ‘Gaganyaan’ to delay due to Covid – 19

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Chief Sivan
Chief Sivan says pandemic has also been delaying the big ticket missions. He says that India’s human space flight mission will delay by an year due to Covid – 19. The flight Mission Gaganyan, including first solar mission – Aditya L1 were about to take place in mid 2020. But due to pandemic, we have to wait for an year more. India’s first human space flight mission is a crucial for India. Chief Sivan says on two uncrewed missions that they are targeting the mission to happen by next year’s end.

The first mission is about to get schedule for December 2020. The second mission is scheduling in June 2021 according to Prime Minister’s deadlines. In a speed adrdressing the mission PM on 2018’s Independence day said that an astronaut is all set to sent in space before India celebrates its 75th year of Independence in 2022.

Chief Sivan addresses that pandemic has delayed many missions including two ticket missions and more. He says that space activity is something that cannot be done as work from home. He says that for each and every engineer it is necessary to be there in labs, integration areas, industries as well as in fields too.

Apart from this solar mission, ISRO was all set to send a lander rover mission too but due to pandemic it is stopped too. The space agency is now reviewing all its future missions and more.

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