Angad Bedi says it was important for him to go back to work

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Angad Bedi

Angad Bedi is the one who did try to continue his work this year too. Regarding this he says – “For me it was very important to go back to work because in our industry people get employed for the day and then only their whole house gets fed and taken care. The lightman, spotboy, production team, direction team, there are so many people on a set. If they work, their whole house makes money. They didn’t make money for almost 8 months. Working again was not just a moral responsibility towards my family but also towards the families of those who work with us”.

Angad Bedi further explains and says that – “We are now picking ourselves up, being as careful and responsible. This is us trying to be protective and careful. You have to still understand that no one can predict anything. We need to coexist now. The year ending does not mean that it won’t be there. We need to take this Covid-19 head on and fight it. Some are saying that the virus is mutating other are saying that the strength of the virus is wearing off. It is a grey area but you got to do what you got to do”.

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