Seema Pahwa says that being a director now completes me

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Seema Pahwa

Seema Pahwa recently talks about her upcoming movie as director Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi. Talking about, she says – “As an actor you can only do your best in what part you play, but as a director you are completely involved in a project from start to finish… I got a feeling of being complete during the making of Ramprasad Ki Tehrvi. I felt I knew the entire canvas”.

Seema Pahwa shares her personal story and says – “During the death of my father, I experienced that people come to offer their condolences but you find it funny when they ask how and when it (demise) happened and this leads to funny situations, one-liners, etc. In the film, Amma (Pathak) keeps repeating the same story of the demise of her husband. In reality, I think one gets nervous during such times. We don’t know how to react, so we end up asking the same questions”.

Talking about movie she says – “Middle class families still exist today. Almost 80 per cent of people in India are from the middle class society. When these stories are narrated, people get attached to them”.

Seema Pahwa says that the cast did agree to the film immediately. She says – “I was sure that no one would say no. There might be budget issues as this is a small-budget film and these are all established actors. I told them if they don’t want to work, it is ok. But they all supported me. Naseer sahab didn’t even charge any money; he worked for free”.

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