Ali Fazal says that Gal Gadot is a very giving actor

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Ali Fazal

Ali Fazal is being love by all for all his acting skills and versatility. While he was shooting for movie Death On The Nile, he shares his experiences and says – “Honestly, it was brilliant. None of us had worked with each other before. I knew Armie Hammer before because we had worked done one tribute in LA (Los Angeles). Also talking about Gal, I have never met her on the Fast and Furious set ever. We didn’t know each other. It was like the first day at school. The director Kenneth Branagh, who is also acting in the film, made sure that we all gelled together. We met each other like normal people. All of us met for the first time at the time of reading the script that was on the set only. It was a great start to relationships and now I carry forward that with me”.

Ali Fazal also talks about when he did celebrates his birthday with Gal and Annette Bening. He further shares and says – “It’s not like we talk on the phone daily. It was a working relationship. They are nice and friendly. Annette (Bening) is a legend. I was fanboying and on some other level. It was a great blessing to work with her. I would exchange notes with her, so that was a nice experience. And Gal is a lovely person. She is a sweet co-actor to have. She is a very giving actor. So, it was sweet of them to cut the cake on my birthday”.

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