Tara Sutaria says that our generation has learned patience from 2020

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Tara Sutaria
Nevertheless the whole year was something to wonder and tolerate for everyone but not only the Bollywood Industry. Tara Sutaria has a different vision. She says – “This year has been obviously hard in so many ways that we could not even imagine. It has made me look at life very differently. It is a good thing for our generation to have gone through this. One thing that our generation has learnt from this is patience. It is something that as a generation we could really do with”.

Tara Sutaria further adds – “I think we needed that jolt and this pandemic has given us that. It’s taught us a lot of lesson we would not have leant had this not happened”. Explaining this she says – “What kept me motivated despite all the low and terrible days was just having friends and family. It is a real luxury that we should not take for granted. During the pandemic when things seemed very bleak and all of us were very confused, the thing that kept me going was people who you can count on, around. It is a real blessing”.

While concluding her views she says – “We have already swung into action and come out of it very strong. Everyone is back to filming, very safely and responsibly, whether it is with testing and social distancing the best way we can. I think we have handled it very well. Coming out of this, we will have to find our way. It is a first for all of us, there will be a lot of first and newness. Things will be a bit iffy but we will come out of it stronger than ever”.

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