Yogi asks that ministers engage with people on social media.

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Yogi AdityanathOn Tuesday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath stated that social media platforms were becoming crucial channels for connecting with people and that all ministers should be active on various platforms.

After viewing the presentation of the Prime Minister’s Gati Shakti Mission, Yogi delivered instructions in this regard during a state cabinet meeting. He advised the ministers to communicate with the public on various social media channels and make a positive message.He said PM Gati Shakti portal should be mandatorily used and all projects worth 50 crore or more should remain available on the portal.

He suggested that the curriculum for technical and medical education courses be developed in the student’s mother tongue. Additionally, he gave instructions to create high-quality content and to work on connecting yoga and physiotherapy.

All secondary schools in the state should have NCC units, according to Yogi, with border-area colleges and schools receiving precedence. He recommended setting up Scout and Guide units in each junior high school. He asserted that the essential funding for this should come from the state government.

He argued that significant dates associated with rural and urban local governments should be observed annually, similar to how Uttar Pradesh Day is already observed. He argued that local talent should be given a chance to shine during the festivities, and those doing inspiring work should be recognised.

All agriculture universities, according to him, ought to be involved in the concept of natural farming and ought to receive drones. According to him, the state should be separated into distinct climate zones, and agriculture plans should be created taking into account regional requirements. According to him, universities should be asked for their support in this matter.

In line with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s desires, he stated, the usage of biofuel should be promoted. He claimed that the state was obligated to receive cooperation from the federal government in this matter and that a proposal should be sent right away.

According to him, wages for MNREGA workers should be paid in a timely manner into their bank accounts. To guarantee transparency, he suggested that workers should have their biometrics verified.

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