Before selling his home to pay off debt, a Kerala man wins a Rs. 1 crore jackpot

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currencyA guy in Kozhikode, Kerala, witnessed a miracle when he won the lottery for Rs. 1 crore shortly before selling his ideal property to pay off his debt.

According to sources, the 50-year-old won the lottery two hours before the planned transaction was carried out.

According to sources, Mohammed Bava, a professional painter, was prepared to accept an advance for his 2,000 square foot house on Monday. However, he won the Rs. 1 crore lottery before he could carry out his plan or accept the symbolic payment, inspiring him to believe in miracles.

Bava stated that the entire family was ready to move into a rented home while talking to the media and outlining their position.

After building his house, the man got himself into debt since he borrowed money from the bank and other family members. According to other stories, he reportedly took out a loan to pay for the shipping of his son to Qatar.

He continued purchasing lottery tickets in the hopes of winning a jackpot someday while being helpless with the debt hanging over his head.

However, he did finally strike it rich on Monday.

According to other sources, the man will receive Rs 63 lakh in total after taxes and other required deductions.

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