Win Philips Cooktop – Amazon app quiz 12 January, 2021

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Win Philips

Amazon quiz answers are yet here again to make you through the quiz. While apart from other quiz, it is giving chance to Win Philips Induction Cooktop. If any participant answers also all the five questions correctly he/she can win Philips Induction Cooktop. While this Amazon quiz will let you win Philips Induction Cooktop. Also. Amazon today daily app quiz questions are based on general knowledge. Each question will have four options among which one answer will be correct and contestants will have to select that one correct answer.

While also at the end of the day, the winners will be selected through a lucky draw. While the participants also have to answer all the questions correctly and for that you need to have an updated version of Amazon app. Also, this quiz will end at 12 pm.

Today’s Amazon Quiz Prize: Phillips Induction Cooktop
Amazon Quiz Date: January 12 2021
Amazon Quiz Time: 8am–12pm
Winners List Declaration Date: To be announced

Question 1. In December 2020, Google announced the shutting down of which 3D-object creation and library platform?
Answer 1: Google Poly

Question 2. Which country will host the Asia Cup cricket tournament in 2021?
Answer 2: Sri Lanka

Question 3. Which international organisation recently published the ‘Global Wage Report’?
Answer 3: ILO

Question 4. Name this character from the popular children’s television show ‘Sesame Street’?
Answer 4: Elmo

Question 5. By looking at this picture, name the holiday associated with this vegetable.
Answer 5: Halloween

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