Vikram Bhatt: People should look into their problems on Rihanna’s tweet

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Vikram Bhatt
Vikram Bhatt says – “I don’t think Bollywood celebs are tweeting for #IndiaAgainstPropaganda. We understand that there is a disconnect between Indian Government and farmers. But both of them are willing to sort it out. There is a willingness to sort out whatever differences are there. We are not Russia with a leader like Vladimir Putin. We are a democracy. What we feel should not happen is politicizing of the matter at an international level. We do not see the role of a third party here. Rihanna should think about what happened at Capitol Hill and make sure that Trump does not come into power again. People should look into their own problems. Every nation has its own issues and problems.”

Vikram Bhatt reasserts that film stars are aware that farmers are the backbone of the nation. “They are like our own brothers. We do not want outsiders to come and tell us things. India has a history of divide and rule. We should not let that happen. This is not a problem that cannot be solved.”

On the professional front, he will begin work tomorrow on Cold, a horror flick starring Akshay Oberoi and a new debutante. “I want to make it the scariest film of my career. Akshay is a fab actor,” he concludes.

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