Shreya Ghoshal: It is unfortunate that stats became a benchmark for music

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Shreya Ghoshal
Shreya Ghoshal says – “Nobody talks about this. People are scared and some also think that it is pointless to talk about and who will talk about this. But, generally people think that if a song gets millions of views, it is a hit, which is not the truth. Today, it is very easy to put money on songs. If you have some technical knowledge you can check on how to promote songs. There are those buttons to do it. It’s so easy. You put money and buy likes and there are so many other ways to do that.”

Shreya Ghoshal further adds – “It’s unfortunate that stats have become a benchmark for whether a music is good or not. Suddenly, millions of people think a mediocre song is being heard by people all around. But it is not the truth. They are not listening to it or maybe do not even want to listen to it. But it creates a brand. It’s very difficult. But all that we can do as good artists of this country and I urge all my colleagues and my contemporaries is to create good music, doesn’t matter if it is getting views or not. It is out there and somebody can at least search for it if they want to listen to it if it’s out there and compare good and bad. Who has knowledge of music has the knowledge. And please I repeat again, do not underestimate the audience or the generation. They do understand the difference between good and bad.”

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