Vidya Malvade – OTT is boon for actors as I was offered s**t in Bollywood

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Vidya Malvade
Vidya Malvade says – “It should be a wake up call to Bollywood. Look at the kind of shows being made , all are world class series. What I love about each one of them is that it has actors who are not given any prominence on the big screen. They are not stars . You look at these actors and you want to know who these actors are. Also, on screen you only see the character, not the actor unlike in Bollywood films.”

Citing the examples of actors such as Ali Fazal, Abhishek Bannerjee, Vijay Varma and Pratik Gandhi, Vidya Malvade says the pool of talent is bigger now. “All that these actors needed was a platform, including me. The reason I didn’t want to be part of Hindi films was because such s**t was being offered to all of us.”

She says – “But it also means that we need to up our game. Just because we have some name does not mean that we will be tolerated, people will trash us.”

She concludes by saying – “The star bracket is there but you can no longer ride on a wave forever. You need to back it with talent, especially now since there is so much talent. Look at a film like Laxmii, you can’t do that and then say that this is what people want. No. If you give the audience good stuff they will watch it.”

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