Jaaved Jaaferi says Bollywood is the most difficult industry

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Jaaved Jaaferi
Jaaved Jaaferi says – “I wanted a talk show of my own, and had proposed it years ago, it didn’t happen. I feel somehow I could have done a great, smaller fun film like Mr Bean, or the ones Hollywood actor Adam Sandler or Eddie Murphy did. I could have been in that space, it didn’t happen. But I don’t sit and cry over spilt milk, and don’t get negative about it. I look at it as moving on and making the best of what we have in hand.”

One might think that his outlook towards showbiz would have been colored due to all this, and he must harbor something against it. But Jaaferi makes it clear that he looks at the industry in a positive way.

Jaaved Jaaferi claims – “We are in the business of entertainment, and it has various forms. We are the most diverse country in the world, and have a different public also. We have to appease so many cultures, languages. People are sensitive about so many different things. It’s the most difficult industry in the world, the Hindi film industry.”

He further adds – “We have to cater to this diverse audience. We have the most different audience to cater to, from the perspective of variety and diversity. It’s an amazing industry. We all have our ups and downs, good and bad, but overall I think the business of entertainment is a beautiful business. For everybody, sometimes reality gets a bit too harsh. People want to escape, we are the escape route for maybe two-three hours. They find solace or maybe forget their problems. It’s a great space to be in.”

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