Vaani Kapoor says – Bollywood industry is heavily affected by virus

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Vaani Kapoor

Vaani Kapoor recently talks about showcasing every aspect and says – “I will have three films releasing in a calendar year which hasn’t happened to me before! All these three films are extremely diverse and will help showcase different facets of me as an artiste. I have always wanted to be an actor who stretches herself as a performer. And isn’t afraid to take risks, to push the envelope. These three films have helped me do just that.”

While further telling her experiences Vaani Kapoor adds – “The fascinating filmmakers whom I have collaborated with, and the incredible actors like Akshay sir, Ranbir, and Ayushmann whom I have witnessed perform, has helped me explore and learn more as an actor. My learning curve on these films has been immense and I couldn’t be happier.”

Vaani Kapoor also concludes and says – “I want to always keep learning and exploring myself which, in turn. I will help sharpen my craft. All I want is to be able to leave a mark as a performer. These three are big screen entertainers, and I am hoping that these movies will pull people into theatres. The industry has been heavily affected by the virus and we will need to bring people back to the cinemas.”

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