Arjun Rampal says that we saw too many pain and hatred in 2020

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Arjun Rampal
Arjun Rampal talks about how this year has been moulding everyone. He says that year 2020 was full of pain and hate for everyone. Talking about 2020 he says – “We saw too much pain, ugliness, hatred, uncertainty, helplessness. Yet on the other side we saw a lot of grace, love, nobility, generosity, humility. What my friend Sonu Sood did will always stay with me. We saw how the world came together for one other. How our planet started to heal. How all our personal needs which were imperative weren’t so important anymore”.

Arjun Rampal is in the Star cast of film Nailpolish. Talking about why did he choose this movie, he says – “The script. The team, Bugs Bhargava as a director and human being. The actors Manav Kaul, Anand Singh and Rajit Kapur. The writing. The case. The crew. All were the reasons. Come on, Subhash!!! When have I not looked for different characters? That is my journey”.

Talking about sudden departure of Irfan, Sushant and Rishi Kapoor, he says – “Heartbreaking, a huge loss to the our industry All three were very very very special artists.  I knew Irrfan and Rishi Sir and have beautiful memories of them which I am so lucky to have. They were absolutely  fantastic individuals. Original, real and with great sense of humours”.

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