Tina Datta: People think being a celebrity is glamorous but it isn’t

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Tina Datta

Tina Datta has been in acting since she was of five years old. Earlier she use to get star in movies and television. But later she came back into the television and establishes herself. She says that it’s been like a rollercoaster for her. Tina Datta adds saying – “People see it as glamorous everywhere, but the journey isn’t this rosy always. There have been ups and downs in my life too, but I have been lucky and believe in hard work. I have been loyal towards my work, and that has also benefited me in the long run. It reflects in your hard work.”

Tina Datta further says – “I learnt about relationships, how to be more professional, and learn how to maintain your equation with people. Also, how to be disciplined and punctual. I wasn’t much of that before.”

Tina Datta says that Actor Amitabh Bachchan Plays great and big role in her life indirectly. She states – “I realised when I got to know about Bachchan sahab, though I have never had the privilege of working with him. For a shift at 7 am, he will be there at 6.30 am. I look up to this, and now, if I have a call time of 2 pm, I park myself on the set at 1.30 pm as well. But once my shift time ends, I pack up and leave, and don’t let people take me for granted too.”

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