Monish Bahl – My daughter Pranutan is struggling with Nepotism

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Monish Bahl
Monish Bahl finally opens about the nepotism debate. Monish’s daughter Pranutan did her debut through Notebook movie. Producer Salman Khan gave her a chance to start her Bollywood career. While Monish and Salman Khan have been together for long since Maine Pyaar Kiya (1989).

Talking about the nepotism strikes her daughter is being facing since long, he says – “She has got everything on her own. Salman wasn’t even aware that auditions were going on. In fact, he called me when it was final and asked ‘Mohni, are you sure you are good with it? I thought she would be a lawyer or something’.”

Monish adds – “Nepotism has unfortunately been extended to star kids. A more appropriate usage would be that star kids are more privileged. But at the same time, Pranutan is still struggling. She managed her second film Helmet which is yet to get a theatrical release. And with the Covid 19 pandemic, even that seems to be in a doubtful situation.”

Monish Bahl says that it does not affect him much now as he is aware of what the fact is. He says that Pranutan also is becoming the strong human being gradually. Monish Bahl explains – “The whole nepotism debate, it has been pushed to an extent, (where we might get asked) ‘why would you give your children your wealth when you pass away?’ Am I supposed to give whatever I have earned throughout life to someone who will be able to manage it better, or my preferences? If as a producer, if I like to invest in my friend’s kid, that’s my call. I am not holding a government position, where I am selecting the best candidate for say, commissioner of some corporate body. Then I would give preference to somebody, that would be nepotism.”

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