TikTok Star Sama El-Masry jailed for 3 years for this !

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Sama El MasryEgyptian Tiktok star and belly dancer Sama El-Masry, originally from Egypt, has been sentenced to 3 years in jail and fined Rs. 1.4 million by an Egyptian court for uploading pornographic images and videos through social platforms.

The court has ruled this through Sama el-Masry’s social media platform Instagram and TikTok for posting pornography and provocative posts.

Let me tell you that the incidents against journalists had come to light in Egypt first, after this, now for women, posting posts on Instagram, Facebook and other social media platforms like TikTok has come in the category of crime.

The Egyptian court sentenced this to Belly Dancer and Tiktok star Sama El Masry for her photos posted on her Instagram account. Sama says that she will appeal against this decision.

Sama has been in controversies before regarding her Instagram account. Let us tell you that Sama was arrested in April 2020 after investigating her social media sites. The conviction was seen as provoking her photographs uploaded by her.

According to the new law made in Egypt in the year 2018, the government got the right to censor and monitor internet content, under this law, the same action has been taken.

The 42-year-old dancer and TikTok fame Sama El Masry says that the post was actually stolen from her phone without her permission, thus she has repeatedly denied all the allegations against her.

Let me tell you that John Talat, a member of the Egyptian Parliament, said that there is a great difference between freedom and adultery. So Sama El-Masry and other women like her who have used social media to upload provocative and pornographic photos should get similar punishment.


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