Badshah Khan, a Fashion and lifestyle influencer is a top blogger of the country

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Fashion and lifestyle influencer Badshah Khan is a top blogger of the country.
Fashion and lifestyle influencer Badshah Khan is a top blogger of the country.

The internet is undoubtedly an encyclopedia filled with bloggers and content creators from different fields. However, fashion and lifestyle remain the most common category with having thousands of bloggers and influencers. Being unique from others is what matters the most for every fashion and lifestyle blogger. Badshah Khan is that unique personality who just does not fit in the bill of a blogger. He is even outstanding marketing personnel who holds great expertise in SEO and a programmer .

At the age of 20 when people are figuring out about their career streams, this young lad made a name for himself on the internet. He says, “Blogging is an emerging career and it is just the start now. The only thing that matters for any blogger is the kind of content they create. Understand your audience and don’t do what other bloggers are doing. Create your own trend and keep it engaging to reach to a wider audience. If the content is good enough, it will automatically get viral on the web”, said Khan. In 2019, Badshah was honoured as the youngest professional blogger and since then, he has built a strong presence over the web.

Setting a benchmark for other aspiring bloggers, this young guy is going across borders and has collaborated with many global brands. “Influencing people is a talent. Very few people possess and I am fortunate enough to be blessed with it. I am privileged that I have the ability to influence the audience with the content I create. It is the audience who have made me what I am today. I hope that I continue doing this work and bring a positive impact on people’s lives”, he added.

Badshah khan said “There was no such idea to get into blogging , I just went out and shared my points about fashion trends in my first blog , looking at the response I took the decision to continue “

With an increase in his blog posts ,his content as well as skills improved over day by day . Bringing new fashion trends in India was his first motive . Through his blogs he wanted to teach people;ways to style their outfits in the manner to stand out in public .

With blogging, Badshah is also keen to get into the modelling world. He is currently working on himself and hopes to take up modelling assignments soon after the lockdown.


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