This is the condition of Delhi roads after rain, which looks like a dirty drain

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Garbage There is a proverb in Hindi language – ‘Aasman Se Gira, Khazur Me Atka ‘. This proverb proves to be right for the people waiting for rain in Delhi. Actually, people of Delhi were waiting for rain for many days to get rid of the heat. Today in morning of Monday, It heavily rained there. Now people got relief from the heat after this heavy rain, but this rain also became a problem for them.

It happened that after the heavy rains in the capital, water and garbage got accumulated on the roads in such a way that it is giving proof of Delhi’s plight. Seeing the pictures of the streets of Delhi, the capital of the country, you will say that these are not pictures of roads, but pictures of garbage in a dirty drain.

Even after from calling themselves a resident of the capital, the people of Delhi know that even after living in Delhi, they have to face such problems. This condition of the capital has not happened for the first time because whenever there is light rain even then the conditions of the roads here are similar.

This plight does not stop here because first after the rain along with the surrounding garbage is collected on the roads and then after the rain is over, the garbage umber remains on the roads, due to which vehicles on the roads also face difficulties.

Facing all these problems, it is a matter of relief to the residents of Delhi that for so many days the were disturbed by the heat which has reduced after the rain. But some people say that they got relief from the heat but due to the problem of accumulation of water and garbage, it has been like  “Aasman Se Gira, Khazur Me Atka”.

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