Somy Ali accuses Salman Khan of beating women, tagging Aishwarya Rai

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Somy Ali, Salman Khan’s ex-girlfriend, levelled serious allegations against him.Somy Ali shared the Maine Pyar Kiya poster and stated, “Stop worshipping this dangerous man, he beats women, and he has beaten many other women alongside me.”

Salman Khan, the Bollywood actor, is frequently in the news for various reasons. At the same time, he is in the spotlight due to Somy Ali’s allegations. In such a case, Somy Ali has allegedly accused Salman Khan again without naming him. Somy wrote on a poster of Maine Pyar Kiya, “This man beats up women, stop worshipping him.” Somy’s post has generated some debate.

What is Somy Ali’s most recent social media post?

Somy Ali has made an Instagram post. Somi shared the poster for the film Maine Pyar Kiya, in which Bhagyashree appears alongside Salman Khan, in this post. Somy captioned the photo with, ‘The one who beat up women, and not only me but many more.’ Please stop idolising this. He has a mental illness. Let us remind you that the account from which this was posted has not been verified, but it is said to be Somi’s real Instagram account.

Somy Ali did not mention Salman Khan’s name in her Instagram post

Let us remind you that Somy only shared the poster in this post, and she did not write anyone’s name in the caption. Although Somy has previously accused Salman, it is said that she did not mention Salman this time. Only mentioned once. Aside from that, Somy has limited the number of comments on her Instagram post, which means that not everyone can comment on it.

Somy Ali has tagged Aishwarya Rai in her Instagram post

Keep in mind that Somy has previously targeted Salman Khan without naming him. Somy has done this numerous times before. Somy captioned a silhouette photo of Salman Khan’s film ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’ in March, ‘Harvey Winston of Bollywood.’ You will be found out one day. The women you exploited, like Aishwarya Rai, will one day come out and share their truth…’ Somy tagged Aishwarya in her post as well. Many media reports claimed that Salman Khan assaulted Aishwarya Rai on the set during their relationship.

Somy Ali Somy Ali came from abroad for Salman Khan

It’s worth noting that Somy Ali has stated in interviews that she was in a relationship with Salman Khan, but that he cheated on her. Somy stated that she has progressed in her life. She no longer communicates with Salman. She has previously stated in numerous interviews that she came to India solely to marry Salman Khan. From 1991 to 1998, she appeared in Hindi films. After her divorce from Salman, she relocated to the United States in 1999.


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