In which states/UTs do women outnumber men in terms of sex partners?

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In 11 of the country’s states and union territories, women have more sex partners than men. It was discovered that approximately 4% of such men had a relationship with a s*x partner who was not their wife and they had never lived together. This figure is much higher in men than in women. There are only 0.5 percent of such women. This information was revealed in the National Family Health Survey data, which included 1.1 lakh women and 1 lakh men.

In these states, women have more s*x partners than men

The National Family Health Survey report contains valuable data for socioeconomic and other background characteristics, policy development, and effective programme implementation. According to the survey, women outnumber men in many states. Such states and union territories are Rajasthan, Haryana, Chandigarh, Jammu and Kashmir, Ladakh, Madhya Pradesh, Assam, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Puducherry, and Tamil Nadu.

Rajasthan is the state with the most partners per woman

Rajasthan is the state with the most partners per woman, with an average of 3.1. Men account for only 1.8 percent of the population. At the same time, 4 percent of such men in the state have had relationships with women who are not their wives and have not been in live-in relationships. Women account for only 0.5 percent of all such cases when compared to men. The National Family Health Survey was conducted from 2019 to 21 in 707 districts across the country’s 28 states and union territories.

Women have 2.5 partners in Madhya Pradesh, while men have 1.6 partners. Women in Kerala have an average of 1.4 partners, while men have an average of 1.0 partners. In Jammu and Kashmir, women have 1.5 partners on average and men have 1.1. This difference is 1.8 and 1.5 in Haryana, and 2.1 and 1.8 in Assam. When it comes to extramarital affairs, statistics show that men outnumber women. This was brought to light in a survey on high-risk sexual encounters.


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