Shivam Roy Prabhakar asked people not to see Tik Tok as Bollywood

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Shivam Roy Prabhakar
Shivam Roy Prabhakar and Jannat Zubair Rahmani (Left), Shivam Roy Prabhakar (Right)

Nowadays the trend of YouTube Vs Tiktok  is on its peak on social media. Actor Shivam Roy Prabhakar said in an interview that applications like Tiktok are spreading entertainment in the country rather than mess. Actor Shivam Roy Prabhakar made his mark with his acting by playing a small character in the film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, after which he got a chance to play the lead role in Song Chal Ghazab Hai, an album by Zee Music Company.

The actor says that it would be a wrong approach to assess the art of any actor from the followers of social media only. Social media and platforms like Tik-Tok are in their place and cinema is in its place.

However, the actor made it clear that he does not consider the makers of Tik-Tok or Tik-Tok wrong, it is a good means of entertainment. But nowadays, along with entertainment, its users have started creating hatred among the people. Because of which an atmosphere of hatred is being created in the whole country which is totally wrong. Anyone is doing anything to get fame on TikTok, users do not take care of any particular religion while making videos that their videos can hurt a  person or any religion.

Those who make such videos on Tik Tok should be deleted by the application itself or the government should take actiona gainst  them, so that no one can take such steps again.

On asking about his projects, Shivam Roy Prabhakar said about his film ‘The Third Hacker’ being released in November, that the film was almost complete and was going to be released in November, but due to Coronavirus, its release date went extended. is. In this film, the actor is playing the role of a hacker.

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