Gautam Gambhir once again targeted Virat Kohli, saying that Kohli as captain…..

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Gautam gambhir
When it comes to personal achievements, Indian captain Virat Kohli has put a raft of records. The circumstances are such that he is being compared to Sachin. Kohli has scored 27 centuries in Tests and 43 in ODIs. But despite being the best batsman, Kohli could not win the ICC Trophy as a captain. Also, Kohli could not win the IPL title to Bangalore. And even before this, Gautam Gambhir, who has an outspoken view, has once again attacked Virat Kohli.

In an event, Gautam Gambhir said that Virat is yet to achieve much. There is a lot to achieve in team sport. Gautam said that you can continue scoring for yourself. There are players like Brian Lara, who have scored too many runs. There are players like Jacques Kallis, who won nothing. To be honest, Virat Kohli has not achieved anything as a captain.

Gotti said that he still has a lot to achieve. He can continue scoring runs for himself, but I think that unless you win the big trophy in team sport, you will not be considered. Probably you will never be able to complete your entire career. Gambhir also said that Kohli should also realize that all his players are individual units. Virat needs to find out how he can make the best use of these players.

The former opener said that Virat is different from the rest of the players. Probably the other players cannot have the same ability as him, which is with Virat. The most important thing as a captain is that he needs to accept the players as he is. Also, do not compare your energy with the energy of other players, because each player is different in itself. Every player has his own strengths and weaknesses.

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