Sherlyn Chopra demands Public apology from Sajid Khan

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Sherlyn Chopra
Sherlyn Chopra says she wants Sajid Khan to publically apologize. She says – “I just want him to issue a public apology not just to me but to all those women with whom he has tried to indulge in inappropriate acts. He has been a habitual offender where he asks women to come to his home for discussion about work and then he gets into his shameless acts.”

Further talking about the incident, Sherlyn Chopra says that it all took place in April 2005, a few days after she lost her father, she went to Sajid Khan’s place to discuss a role. “When I went to meet him, he randomly asked me to touch his private parts. I told him that it’s not right and I left his place. I was terrified by that incident and all these years, I was blaming myself, thinking that I shouldn’t have gone there to meet him.”

Further talking about all, Sherlyn Chopra also opens up about how Sajid Khan is getting support from Bollywood industry. She states – “I don’t understand how serial offenders like him get support from the film industry. I don’t understand why they (film industry) don’t raise their voice against such shameless activities.”

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