Damned Graveyard and Gotakhor would be next of film director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput

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Damned Graveyard
Director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput and actor Zuber K. Khan

Film director Sanjeev Kumar Rajput would be very soon coming with his next movies like Damned Graveyard and Gotakhor. Sanjeev is known for his creative direction for horror genre. He has already directed film named Haunted Hills which performed well at Box Office.

“Film Damned Graveyard would be a full Horror package”, says Sanjeev. He added that the film would give a feel like Hollywood and the audiences would definitely like the film. While the another film Gotakhor would be based on divers.

Both the film named Damned Graveyard and Gotakhor are produced by Ramesh Pandey under his banner Ramsiya Films. Films star Zuber K. Khan, Anju Jadhav, Kurush Deboo and Shiva Rindhani in prominent roles. With these all, some other actors like Sunny Thakur, Rocky, Tushar Rajput, Ajay Thakur, Suresh Meena and Adarsh Sachan would also be playing important roles in the film. The casting of the film would be done by Sameer Chahar. DOP of the film would be Santosh Pal while Farhan Jada would be VFX Supervisor.

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