Shefali Shah says she was typecast at very young age

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shefali shah
Shefali Shah did play the role of mother of Akshay Kumar in Movie Waqt : The race against time. While she was only 28-30 when doing the role. When asked about it Shefali Shah says that there was no age boundation. She tells that she did not reach a certain age too before being typecast. While further talking on this, Shefali Shah says – “I was typecast in a mother’s role very early in life. Didn’t even reach a certain age. I was 20. I did a show where I played the mother of a 15-year-old, I was 20 years old when I played a mom of 45. And then, when I was around 28-30, I played mother to Akshay Kumar. So I got typecast very early, if I didn’t even have to reach a certain age point.” She quipps, “According to screen time, I’m probably 133 years or something.”

She further adds  – “There were years where I kept saying no to work because it was just being so unfair. And then Juice happened. Then there was Once Again, that’s a very sweet and gentle love story. And then there was Delhi Crime. And all three of them put me into the centre of the frame. So it’s really opened up for me, and I’m finally doing the kind of work I desire.”

Shefali was last seen in Netflix series Delhi Crime as DCP Vartika.

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