Sana Khan’s husband says that he never told her to quit showbiz

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Sana Khan husband Anas Saiyad recently talks about people questioning their relationship over Sana quitting Showbiz. Anas Saiyad says that narrow minded people can continue questioning their relationship, it won’t matter. While after marriage Sana did wrote it saying – “Today I am talking to you standing at a crucial juncture of my life. For years, I have been living the Showbiz (film industry) life, and during this time I have been blessed with all kinds of fame, honour and wealth from my fans for which I am grateful to them.”

Also in an interview when asked about the questions and doubts being going on, Anas Saiyad says – “I have never forced her to lead life in a certain way. She announced on Instagram around six months ago that she has taken hijab. People thought that it’s because of the pandemic and no work, but she always wanted to detach herself from what she was doing. I wanted her to give it some time, but she was certain. In fact, I was shocked, too, when she announced that she was quitting the industry.”

He further adds, “I prayed to God that I want to marry Sana and he heard my prayers. I feel that I wouldn’t have been this happy if I had married anybody else. Sana is not full of herself. She is affable, forgiving and has a clean heart. I always wanted a girl who complemented and completed me. People still ask me how I got married to an actress. But yeh chhoti soch ke log hain (they are narrow-minded people). It’s my life and no one should comment on it. People are free to think that we are a mismatched couple. But only we know how compatible we are.” The couple is right now on honeymoon in Kashmir.

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