Sarath Babu’s brother refutes death rumors.

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Sarath Babu, a veteran actor, was rumoured to have passed away, but his family denied the rumours and said he is in stable condition after being hospitalized in Hyderabad for two weeks.

In response to the rumours circulating on social media about the alleged death of veteran actor Sarath Babu, his brother Ayush Tejas spoke out and denied the claims. Ayush Tejas urged the fans of the actor not to believe the rumours and clarified that there was no truth to them.

Sarath Babu has been hospitalized in Hyderabad for the past two weeks, but his family confirmed that his condition is stable. It is important for fans to verify news before spreading it on social media, especially when it concerns a person’s health and well-being.

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Sarath Babu’s brother Ayush Tejas clarified that there is no truth in the rumours of the veteran actor’s death that have been circulating on social media.

Tejas informed that Babu’s condition was better on Wednesday and the doctors have said that it would take some time for him to recover completely. He expressed gratitude towards those who have been praying for the actor’s quick recovery.

The rumours of Babu’s death started spreading on social media on Wednesday evening and actor Kamal Haasan was also among those who believed the hoax and tweeted his condolences, but later deleted the tweet.

Sarath Babu, a 71-year-old veteran actor, is currently receiving treatment at AIG Hospital in Hyderabad for age-related ailments. He was admitted to the hospital on April 20 after being brought from Bengaluru.

As per sources, the actor is being treated for multi-organ damage caused by sepsis, which affected the functioning of his lungs, kidneys, liver, and other organs.

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