Rhea got slapped by CBI Officer Nupur, know the real truth behind this all !

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Rhea got slapped by CBI Officer Nupur

For a few days, one thing has become quite viral on social media that Rhea got slapped by CBI officer Nupur. One after another news portals are publishing it without knowing the truth of this news. Let us know did CBI really slap Rhea Chakraborty, if yes then why? And if Rhea was not slapped by CBI, then what actually was happened between them that this news went viral.

After Rhea’s entry, Sushant Singh Rajput‘s case took a new turn. Ever since the investigation of the case has been initiated by the CBI, there has been a new revelation about the drug in it. It is being told that Rhea Chakraborty had links with many drug dealers. Rhea used to give drugs to Sushant. On suspicion of all these things, the CBI questioned Rhea Chakraborty for three to four consecutive days.

In this way, Rhea Chakraborty flared up for questioning by the CBI. And she tried to misbehave with CBI officer Nupur. Seeing this behavior of Rhea, CBI officer Nupur also treated Rhea the same.

There has been no confirmation that ‘Rhea got slapped by CBI officer Nupur’ yet but it is true that there was a clash between CBI Officer Nupur and Rhea Chakraborty. When CBI Officer Nupur asked Rhea Chakraborty about the drugs, she became very upset. Not only this, Rhea also tried to talk to other CBI officials in a loud voice including Nupur Prasad.

CBI officer Nupur instructed her by explaining that the CBI does not want to take any decision in haste. That is why if she is innocent then she would have to prove it to CBI and help in investigation. According to reports, it is also coming out that Rhea Chakraborty has accepted the chart related to drugs during questioning by CBI.

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