Ranvir Shorey criticises and says farmers are not above nation

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Ranvir Shorey

Ranvir Shorey recently criticises farmers protesting, rioting and vandalising. He writes – “Wtf is this?! That too on Republic Day! Farmers are not above the nation! #shame #FarmersProstests.”

Ranvir Shorey did got a reply on this by a user, which was – “Farmers have only the right to protest peacefully, not vandalising and violence. This elected govt. has the right to legislate reform. #FarmersProstests #shame.”

Also Twitter user do accuses Ranvir for sitting in AC room and not knowing what’s actually going on. He writes – “Sitting in mumbai in ur comfortable ac room,that is what is excepted, The ground level story is completely different.Goi used tear gases ,water canons and lathi charge on elderly people. They even did not let us enter haryana from punjab two months back.”

Ranvir replies to the comment saying – “I would rather sit comfortably in my AC room. Then go around rioting and vandalising the capital on Republic Day over laws legislated by an elected govt. And if you don’t want tear gas, stick to the routes the police has designated for protests. Thanks.”

While farmers across the country have been staging a massive protest against the government’s new agriculture laws, which they fear will leave them at the mercy of big corporations.

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