Luv Sinha : I never asked my father to bring work for me

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Luv Sinha
Luv Sinha recently says – “I wouldn’t say not taking up more films was conscious. What happened initially was there was a perception. Again, I’m not the first actor whose debut film didn’t work. What happens is the way you’re projected as well as the box-office fate of a film, they make a difference. It took a while for me to break that perception.”

Paltan was a war drama, which even though didn’t manage to rake in the moolah, did get him noticed, according to Luv Sinha. He admits – “That film changed things a bit. After that, I’ve been meeting people and working towards lining up the right project. I think it should all fall into place. Last year, things were supposed to start again, but we all got thrown off track. I wouldn’t call my journey easy, even though I belong to one of the known film families, it’s not been easy for me.”

He concludes by expressing the roles he would want to do. Luv says – “The thing with me is I’d want to play a character like Shah Rukh Khan played in Baazigar (1993), or something like Emraan Hashmi in Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai (2010). Even a film like War (2019), a spy drama thriller or a courtroom drama. These roles, I believe, will be good opportunities to prove myself, that’s what I’m working towards right now.”

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