Rahul Gandhi said, “Whoever wants to go will go !”

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Sachin Pilot Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi (left), Sachin Pilot (right) !

In Rajasthan, a big statement has come from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi amid this matter of Sachin Pilot, which seems to make stop on Sachin’s return to Congress. Rahul Gandhi while addressing the student organization NSUI meeting on Wednesday evening through video conferencing said – “Whoever wants to go will go. This will make place for young leaders ”. This is Rahul’s first comment after the Sachin matter.

Rahul Gandhi’s stance seems stern with this statement and it is evident that the Congress high command has some strong things about Sachin Pilot’s “BJP link”. Now Rahul has said in the program of Youth Congress that “Whoever has to go, there is no need to fear those who leave the party. This will give way to the youth ”.

In a meeting held through video conferencing with national officials of Rahul’s Congress student organization NSUI, Rahul Gandhi said that there is no need to panic from those who leave the party, on the contrary such people are clearing the way for the younger generation. In the meeting, Rahul said, “Whoever has to go, he will go”.
According to the information, Rahul Gandhi was accompanied by NSUI national president Neeraj Kundan, in-charge Ruchi Gupta and the national office bearers while the Congress general secretary KC Venugopal was specially present. They are in Jaipur. After Rahul’s statement, it has started to speculate about how many possibilities of Sachin Pilot’s return to the party actually exist.

It is believed that in addition to Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, Sonia tried to convince Sachin and he did not accept that now Rahul Gandhi, who is very sympathetic towards him, is also angry. Rahul’s statement reflects the party’s tough stance. Sachin is saying that he will not join the BJP, but his chances of returning home also seem less.

Meanwhile, in the meeting, Rahul said that in the coming days, the condition of the economy will be quite bad. Rahul said that he had warned of an economic tsunami in early February, but the government did not pay attention. Rahul said that the reason for the deteriorating condition of the economy is Corona as well as wrong decisions like Modi government’s A demonetization and wrongly implemented GST. Rahul Gandhi has asked the leaders of the Congress student organization to help those who trapped in the coming days.

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