Meet Naseeruddin Shah’s nephew who would be seen in Tigmanshu Dhulia’s Yaara !

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Mohommed Ali Shah
Actor Mohommed Ali Shah (Photo source:

Recently, Zee5 released the teaser of the film Yaara film which was very much liked by the people. It is being told that the film will be streaming on Zee5 from July 30. Sometimes some films are liked by the audience not only because of the main characters working in the film but also because of the actors playing other characters. In exactly the same sequence, we are going to make you meet one such character of this film. The one is played by Mohommed Ali Shah. Ali is undoubtedly the nephew of Naseeruddin Shah but he never took advantage of it for getting work in films.

Mohommed Ali Shah, this is the name who first served in Indian Army as a Major, after which he starts working in the film industry as an artist. The actor, also known by the name Major Ali Shah, stepped into an acting career but never tried to work in films, but made his acting mark on stage.

Mohommed Ali Shah, who has shared the stage with legends like Tom Alter and Naseeruddin Shah, has received several films, but has adopted only a handful of films, including films like Haider and Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Also in Film Yaara, Mohommed Ali Shah has played an excellent character, which will definitely give the film a hype. Everyone knows that when a stage performer plays any character, he gets deeper into that role, just like Ali Shah has put life into this character like he does with stage characters.

Mohommed Ali Shah is the highest paid motivational speaker !

Mohommed Ali Shah
Ali Shah, still from TEDx stage !

Ali holds a world a world record for having been invited by TEDx the maximum number of times in the world. He is also one of the top most and highest paid motivational speakers of India.





Already played an important role in Haider, national award film !

Mohommed Ali Shah
Ali Shah, snap from the film Haider !

If you have watched the film Haider, then you must know about that Major who ordered to fire Haider’s house. Yes, he is none other than Ali Shah, who after serving in the real life army, played the character of Major very well on screen!

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