PUBG India and 118 Chinese apps banned in India, check out the full list

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PUBG Banned and 118 other chinese apps
PUBG India and 118 other Chinese apps banned in India

Chinese companies are suffering because of increasing tension between India and China. Whether it is a popular app PUBG India or company like Tiktok, all companies are facing losses. Not only India, but US president Donald Trump is also taking actions against Chinese apps.

First, the Government of India banned 59 other Chinese apps including Tiktok. After which a list of the remaining apps was made and they were also banned.

The Government of India has once again banned some rest of Chinese apps including  PUBG India app having around 33 million active users. The list includes apps like APUS Launcher Pro, Baidu, CamCard Business and other Chinese apps. Check out the full list of 118 apps.


1st part of 118 banned app by Estrade herald2nd part of 118 banned app by Estrade Herald3rd part of 118 banned app by Estrade Herald4th part of 118 banned app by Estrade Herald5th part of 118 banned app by Estrade Herald6th part of 118 banned app by Estrade Herald
The Government of India says that it was extremely important to take this step. With this we can keep the data of crores of Indian mobile and internet users safe. On June 29, 59 Chinese apps including the famous short video maker application TikTok were banned.

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