47 Chinese Apps Banned in India including TIKTOK Lite, Does the list also have PUBG ?

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47 Chinese apps banned in IndiaRecently in June, Indian Government banned 59 Chinese apps. China was in trouble getting these apps banned in India. It’s not even been a month and the government took another decision for this digital strike on China. After 59 Chinese app were banned in India, people were using the light versions of these apps.

So Indian government banned 47 more Chinese apps including TikTok Lite. Banned apps are told to be clones or lite versions of 59 apps which were banned previously. Full name list of these banned apps has not come in front yet. However some apps are being named as TikTok Lite, BIGO LIVE Lite, SHAREit Lite, Helo Lite and VFY Lite.

So after these 47 apps banned, if we calculate, it goes to the total number of 106 apps which have been banned in India by the Government. Some sources also saying that the government has made a list of 275 Chinese apps for banning them very soon. The list also includes PUBG and Zili.

Government is doing this all because according to Government, apps were violating the rules of privacy of the user. If it continues then not only apps but the government can also ban some Chinese companies in India.

275 apps list have these names of apps 

As we told that the government has made another list of 275 Chinese apps. These all 275 apps are being investigated and if they were found violating the rules of privacy then they all can be banned in India. The list include apps like PUBG GAME, Jilly, FaceU, Meitu, LBE Tech, Capcut, Perfect Corp, Netiz Games, AliExpress, Reso, Sina Corp and ULike.

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