Producer Lalit Agarwal dances on Punjabi Number Goa Vich Nach Le starring Zuber K Khan

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Making music videos is now a quick and effective way to establish yourself in the entertainment industry. Along with beginning filmmakers, some seasoned creators also attempt to create music videos. Only a small percentage of the tens of thousands of music CDs that are released every day find an audience and establish themselves.

Goa Vich Nach Le Song

Z-Series recently released a song called “Goa Vich Nach Le” in conjunction with Zaar flicks on October 28. The song’s main role is played by actor Zuber K. Khan, while producer Lalit Agarwal also makes an appearance. Speaking of actresses, Pooja Puri and Pantali Sen showcase their beauty in this Punjabi song Goa Vich Nach Le. Shahid Mallya, the song’s singer, and producer Lalit Agarwal’s voice combine to make the song even more lovely.

The audience is loving the song Goa Vich Nach Le a lot since its debut on October 28. This song has received more than 200 likes and has been viewed by more than 50,000 people. According to actor Zuber K Khan, the song is very popular on social media. People have started posting song clips on social media and tagging the entire team ever since the song’s debut. He continued by saying that everyone in the song would be visible to the audience.

This song not only provides amusement but also hints to Punjabi culture. The video for the song Goa Vich Nach Le was shot in Goa, which boasts stunning scenery. According to the producer Lalit Agarwal, modern Punjabi music is not produced in the manner described above. He claims that because so many people are enjoying the song, it may effectively provide the audience with a full dosage of Punjabi culture.

Let us inform you that Jeetendra is the director of photography and Dilip-Deepa Mistry is the choreographer for the song. Pinky Maidasani, a female vocalist, as well as Lalit Agarwal and Shahid Mallya have contributed their lovely voices to the song. Dilip Sen is the song’s music director, and Neelesh Mulye is its editor. The frequency with which this music is shared on social media indicates how much the audience like it.

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