Renowned people from India got Invited to the indo-Sri Lanka Bond Awards

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lndo-Sri Lanka Bond Awards
lndo-Sri Lanka Bond Awards

On December 7, the awards ceremony for the Indo-Sri Lanka Bond will take place in Sri Lanka. The location where distinguished Indian and Sri Lankan citizens will be honored. We’d like to use this opportunity to let you know that Priyanath Rathnayake, a well-known vocalist and composer from Sri Lanka, will be directing this concert.

It has been reported that the renowned Indian film director Dushyant Pratap Singh, the film producer Anand Prakash, the famous Indian religious guru Rashtriya Sant Shree Radhey Babuji, the dental surgeon Dr Ajay Aryan, and Dr Pragati Agarwal have all been invited to the presentation of this worldwide prize.

The statement made by Priyanath Rathnayake indicates that India and Sri Lanka have kept their relations amicable for a considerable amount of time. The Indo-Sri Lanka Bond Awards were created to help art and business people from India and Sri Lanka share their cultures with each other.

On December 7, a ceremony like this will take place at the BMICH in Sri Lanka. This award ceremony is made possible with the help of the Artists Association of Sri Lanka and several other commercial sponsors. Dushyant Pratap Singh, who makes movies, says that the event that Priyanath Rathnayake is hosting will bring a new start to relations between India and Sri Lanka. This will not only infuse new vigour, but it will also lay the framework for a great deal of work that will be done in the future.

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