Producer Imtiyaz Ahmad Bhat Song Tera Wada starring Zuber K Khan , Tamkeen Khan and Soonia Prajapat

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Zuber K Khan Tamkeen Khan Tera Wada song Imtiyaz Ahmad Bhat ProducerWe’d like to inform you that Imtiyaz Bhat performed the song “Tera Wada” with his lovely voice. Internet sensation Tamkeen Khan, actress Soonia Prajapat, and Bollywood actor Zuber K Khan all play prominent roles in the song, which was uploaded on the Wave Film Productions YouTube channel. Imtiyaz Bhat, the song’s producer and singer, also had a significant part to play in the song’s music video. The song was directed by Shamim Sayeed, and Zuber K Khan served as the song’s creative director. Imran Ansari served as the film’s cinematographer.

Watch the full song Tera Wada

This song’s music video was developed by Zuber K. Khan and shot in a very artistic manner. The song’s music was provided by Afzal, and the audio has been successfully released by ZAAR Films and music with Believe International Worldwide on more than 250 audio digital platforms. Producer Imtiyaz Bhat stated that the song is very beautiful and that Tamkeen Khan, Soonia Prajapat, and Zuber K Khan all gave excellent performances. Additionally, he mentioned how industrious everyone on his team was, including the artists and technicians who did a great job with their tasks. A new song with the same team that will be quite lovely will be released soon, according to producer Imtiyaz Bhat.

“Working with producer Imtiyaz sir was a great experience for me which was extremely unusual and nice,” actor Zuber K Khan remarked. He is incredibly talented and takes his work very seriously. In addition to being a producer and an actor, he can sing well. I want to collaborate with him frequently.

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