FSSAMU General Secretary Gangeshwar Lal Shrivastava met the Governor regarding the problems of daily wage workers in the cinema world

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Gangeshwar Lal ShrivastavaThe Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union (FSSAMU) met Maharashtra Governor Bhagat Singh Koshyari and handed over a memorandum regarding the various problems faced by the daily wage laborers working in the film production sector. Union General Secretary Gangeshwar Lal Shrivastava, drawing the attention of the Governor on the occasion, said that the condition of daily wage migrant laborers working in film production is very difficult. Poor daily wage laborers have to face many problems. Our daily wage workers do not get the benefit of any government scheme and they are deprived of all schemes like PF, Gratuity, ESIC.

Gangeshwar Lal Shrivastava said that it is a matter of great regret that these laborers are contributing to the economy of the state as well as the country by working day and night, but they themselves are deprived of government facilities. Lately, filmmakers are behaving like dictators and making workers work for 20-24 hours without giving their hard earned money for 2-3 months. Many manufacturers default in paying the money year after year. Gangeshwar said that the laborers who raise their voice against such producers are either fired from their jobs or police action is taken against them by making false complaints.

Gangeshwar Lal Shrivastava further said that this harassment of the laborers continues and due to high handedness of the police officers the manufacturers get away easily without paying the laborers. There are many manufacturers who are exploiting our workers in various ways. Workers are deprived of basic facilities. They are not provided with good food while working on the sets, also these workers often suffer accidents and serious injuries as they work at great heights.

In such a situation, there is neither an emergency medical facility available on the set nor an ambulance on the set. Many times the workers have to lose their lives due to lack of timely medical help. Regular audit of sets by BMC, Fire Brigade or other government departments is mandatory to be done on sets from time to time.

However, no producer is following the rule and no regular audit is done on the sets. Here the manufacturers are playing with the lives of the workers without any restriction by using only money power. There have been several fire accidents in the recent past, in which these daily wage workers have lost their lives. These workers and their families do not get any kind of government protection. These laborers migrate to earn livelihood and their families live in remote villages. The said daily wage laborer is maintaining himself and his family with the income earned here.

How can they take care of themselves and their families if they do not get paid for their hard work? This is a serious issue and no government has ever considered these issues and given any concrete solution for this.

Through this letter, the General Secretary of Film Studio Setting and Allied Mazdoor Union, Gangeshwar Lal Shrivastava has requested the Governor to kindly consider all these issues seriously and help us in getting regular wages to our workers. It is a humble request that concerned authorities and labor office may be directed to pay wages to daily wage workers on daily basis.

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