NETFLIX Hindi: If you also want Netflix Hindi in free, follow these tips !

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Netflix is a worldwide video streaming app and it has been very popular in India now a days. A maximum percentage of its users are from India. So Netflix owners thought why don’t they make it easy for Indian users. So, they got deep in to this point and launched Netflix Hindi interface for who belongs to India.

Before, Netflix was only available in English. And now Indian users can use this app in Hindi (Netflix Hindi) as well. Every facilities are available in Hindi now whether it is sign up process or the searching option. A large number of its users use smartphones but let us know you that it’s available on TV as well. Recently in a press release by the company, it was told that about 70 percents of netizens are will use the internet in their local language.


So, if you are the existing member of Netflix and want to use its Hindi User Interface, then there are some tips for you. By following these tips, you can easily use Netflix Hindi. There 4 steps you need to follow which can turn your Netflix English to Netflix Hindi.

Step 1 – First of all, you need to go to the web browser as always. You will now sign in to your Netflix account.

Step 2 – After signing in to your profile, you will have to  select your profile and go to the Manage Profiles option.

Step 3 – In the Manage Profiles option, you will see an option which shows Language drop down menu. By clicking here you can select Hindi language.

Step 4 – Now finally, you can save the language of your choice and can start watching your favorite title.

Well, this process was for the existing members of Netflix. If you first sign up, then you can select your preferred language during the sign up process.

Netflix is the one OTT  where you can set up five profiles on one account. Each profile can have different language settings. Like, if you are five members on one account, then all five can enjoy the service in their own languages. If you are a native Indian and living abroad outside of India, still you can stream this app in Hindi language and enjoy your Hindi Bhasha in abroad as well.

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