NBL SHOWX is a streaming platform that allows you to watch a wide variety of Web Series, Movies and Exclusive Content

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NBL SHOWX Watch any 4 Web Series or Films for free. This will help you to decide which content matches your taste.
NBL SHOWX provides wide variety of content of various genres.
*Content May differ based on geographical areas.

Web-Series & Movies:
NBL SHOWX members get instant access to great content Worldwide. NBL SHOWX has an Exclusive content library featuring Original Shows, Short Films, Regional Content, Songs, Audio Stories and much more. Our content may vary by region or may change over time.

Pick your price, pick your plan!
NBL SHOWX offers different plans to suit your needs.

You can download your favorite shows to your device, you can watch it while you’re on the go.

If you haven’t subscribed through iTunes, you can manage your subscription through NBL SHOWX.



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