Mona Singh says about how women characters are changing on screen

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Mona Singh
Mona Singh came on the floor and loved by all after her debut in “Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin”. From “Pyaar ko ho jaane do” to Kya hua tera vaada” she was loved in all.

Talking about stereotypes related to women, Mona Singh says – “That is exactly where the writing and characterisation comes into place. If the characters are written organically, then there is no question about being typecast. In our show ‘Black Widows’, most of the people are rooting for the three women instead of wanting them to be punished or sent behind bars. So that is a huge progress we see in viewership. We were careful about the way we say our dialogues and the way we deal with the situations. It was so nuanced by the director that things just fell into place.”

Mona Singh further tells about how characters of women are changed from Jassi jaissi Koi Nahin to present scenario. She says – “When you talk about TV, women have always ruled the narrative. There is always a woman at the centre of the plot, and I am so glad that it has been that way. The same is happening with OTT now. It feels great that women are being given a chance to show their talent. Your talent is appreciated and you are allowed to be yourself!”

She also opens up about her favourite revenge classic and tells – “Khoon Bhari Maang is definitely something that I loved watching back in time and even now. I also liked ‘Gupt’ where Kajol was the murderer. Even Rani Mukerji in ‘Mardaani’ is so good; ‘Hitchki’ is another favourite because it shows women in different lights. All of them have very nuanced characterisation. They don’t make a sweet potato out of you. It is revelation in new light!”

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