Deepika Padukone speaks about how she was trolled over her accent

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Deepika Padukone
Deepika Padukone recently speaks about her debut movie “Om Shaanti Om”. She talks about how it was not just a stint of appreciation but it was a bandwagon of criticism too. Deepika Padukone made her first debut in Bollywood industry with Shah rukh Khan. Om Shaanti Om became a blockbuster in the directorial stint of Farah Khan.

Talking about that Deepika explains the scenario and says that it was ‘ hugely daunting”. She tells everything she did face that time – “There was also a section of people who scathingly criticised my work–Oh she is a model. she cannot act: My accent was made fun of. A lot was said and written about me and my craft, and, the truth is, all of it was extremely hurtful. When you are all of 21, these kind of brickbats most certainly affect you.”

She further adds and says “Criticism fuels me. It fuels me to work harder, to improve my skills and evolve the carious aspects of my craft. More importantly, it fuels my personal evolution. Failure, too, has taught me a lot. I have often been put down, even written off. But I have never been bitter about these experiences. In fact. I am grateful.”

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