Malvi says: Kangana Ranaut promised to help but didn’t come forward

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Malvi says – “I had a lot of faith in Kangana and I believed that she will come forward to help me and fight against this issue. So, I requested one of the doctors taking care of me to record a video and put it in the public domain. The same day Kangana tweeted about it. She was targeting the industry and nepotism but she tweeted that she will come and help me and fight for me in this case.”

Malvi further adds – “But after this, when I got discharged, I was waiting for her to come forward and help, but nothing happens. Not only her, but no one from her team also contacted me. I was surprised.”

She says – “At the same time, Urmila ji helped me a lot. I was not expecting this from her. But she was helping me from the very start of this incident. I got to know later on that she also called someone in the police. And asked them to take care of this case. She realises that it is her moral responsibility to help me as a woman. I saw that pain in her eyes for me. She also told me that they are making some laws in Maharashtra so that women feel protected here. She assured me that if I face any problems in my fight for justice. I can approach her and she will help me.”

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