Kalki on shooting 3 weeks post childbirth: Fed my girl between shoots

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Kalki writes – “Shot in March 2020, 3 weeks after giving birth, one week before lockdown. I had hardly slept, was tired, anxious and anti social as I ran back to the van to feed my girl in between shots. Going back to work seemed like such a struggle after what my body had gone through.”

Kalki writes about it more that – “If only I’d known I was going to have to spend the rest of the year between four walls, maybe I would’ve smiled more at this last window of employment. But I guess the intense look of a woman who’s going through a huge upheaval has its place too. I’m grateful now, for it all. The perspective that comes with time passing.”

Kalki and her boyfriend, Guy Hershberg, welcomed their first child, Sappho, on February 7 last year. In an earlier interview, she talked about the name she had chosen for her daughter, “I’ve chosen a name that works for either gender and that is representative of a gay person, because I want my child to have that freedom of movement under the many umbrellas of gender that we have.”

On the work front, Kalki was last seen in the Netflix anthology Paava Kadhaigal. She was seen as one of the protagonists in Vignesh Shivan’s short film, Love Panna Uttranum, alongside Anjali. She will be seen next in a film titled Scholarship, directed by Raman Bharadwaj.

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