Le Mark Design Week – Event Full Details, Date, Venue, Models & More

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EVENT NAME Le Mark Design Week
ORGANISED BY Le Mark School of Art
DATE  02 June 2023
VENUE 5th Floor, Valia College of Arts, Commerce And Science, Cosmopolitan Education Society Marg, Road, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
DIRECTOR Bhautik Nandha
MODELS Deepti Gujrat, Navina Bole & others
THEMES Goth Theme, Fruit Saga, Jashn-E-Jaipur, Light & Shadows

‘Le Mark Design Week’ was a highly anticipated event presented by Le Mark School of Art in Mumbai. It was a unique and vibrant celebration of artistic expression and cutting-edge fashion. The event brought together various creative disciplines, including fashion, photography, and interior design, to create a multi-dimensional spectacle that captivated the audience.

The event showcased the extraordinary craftsmanship and innovative designs of over 20 talented fashion students, who curated awe-inspiring collections. However, what set ‘Le Mark Design Week’ apart was the incorporation of photography and interior design. Models gracefully walked the runway, showcasing captivating photographs by photography students and displaying product designs created by interior design students. This fusion of artistic disciplines pushed the boundaries of creativity and left a lasting impression on the spectators.

Le Mark Design WeekSustainable fashion and the promotion of Khadi, a fabric deeply rooted in Indian heritage, were central themes of ‘Le Mark Design Week’. Designers embraced Khadi in diverse collections for women, men, kids, and gender-neutral fashion, highlighting the importance of eco-friendly choices in the fashion industry. The event aimed to showcase the harmony between style and environmental consciousness by blending contemporary aesthetics with sustainable materials.

A notable collaboration during ‘Le Mark Design Week’ was between Le Mark School of Art’s esteemed alumni, Label Swati Madhukar, and Antara Gold & Diamond. Their exquisite collections seamlessly blended traditional artistry with avant-garde design, symbolizing the essence of Indian culture and emphasizing the timeless appeal of the country’s artistic heritage.

The event attracted renowned personalities from the industry, including Kiran Sippy, Amruta Rao, supermodel Deepti Gujral, and actress Navina Bole. These eminent figures added star power to the occasion, while fashion influencers, jewelry influencers, and celebrity stylists amplified the allure of ‘Le Mark Design Week’.

Collaborative partner collections from Zoop and Dressline further enriched the event by showcasing distinctive styles and artistic interpretations. These collaborations exemplified the seamless blend of imagination and craftsmanship, reinforcing the event’s commitment to nurturing emerging talent and pushing boundaries in the art and fashion world.

The goth-themed showcase emerged as a standout during ‘Le Mark Design Week’, pushing artistic boundaries and captivating hearts. This bold and edgy collection showcased the students’ fearlessness in challenging conventional norms, leaving a lasting impression on the attendees.

Overall, ‘Le Mark Design Week’ served as a testament to the thriving art and fashion scene in Mumbai. It provided a platform for emerging artists and designers to showcase their talent, redefine industry standards, and emphasized the transformative power of art and fashion in society.

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