FCB Ulka and Clapper BOY Film’s ‘Muchon me Bada Taav Hai,’ an ambitious creative film on Women’s Day for the brand Amul, received the Silver Award at Abby’s GoaFest 2023

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Written and directed by FCB Ulka’s CCO, Keegan Pinto, and Clapper BOY Films’ Executive Producer, Vijay Nair, the film ‘Muchon me Bada Taav Hai’ has once again captivated audiences with its inspiring storyline. The film, created in collaboration with the iconic brand Amul to commemorate Women’s Day, recently earned the esteemed Silver Award at the prestigious GOAFEST 23.

‘Muchon me Bada Taav Hai’ beautifully portrays the strength and resilience of women, highlighting their journey of breaking stereotypes and embracing their true selves. The film’s poignant narrative, combined with Keegan Pinto’s brilliant direction, struck a chord with viewers and impressed the festival jury with its powerful storytelling.

Amul, known for its commitment to social causes, partnered with Keegan Pinto and Vijay Nair to produce this thought-provoking brand film. The brand’s support and dedication to promoting women’s empowerment added significant impact to the project, further amplifying its message.

Muchon me Bada Taav HaiCommenting on the film’s success, Keegan Pinto expressed his gratitude for the recognition and the opportunity to shed light on the importance of Women’s Day. He said, “I am honored and humbled to receive the Silver Award at GOAFEST for ‘Muchon me Bada Taav Hai.’ This film is a tribute to the extraordinary women who challenge societal norms and inspire us every day. I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Amul for their unwavering support and belief in this project.”

Vijay Nair, as the executive producer, played a pivotal role in bringing the film to fruition. His expertise and keen eye for detail ensured a seamless production process and contributed to the film’s success.

‘Muchon me Bada Taav Hai’ is unique in its storytelling, leaving audiences amazed. In just around 2 minutes, the way the makers have expressed their thoughts has impressed both the jury and audiences. The never-before-seen portrayal of women farmers in this beautiful film stands out.

Amul’s association with this project showcases their commitment to celebrating the achievements and struggles of women, aligning with their brand philosophy of promoting inclusivity and empowerment.

As ‘Muchon me Bada Taav Hai’ continues to resonate with audiences, it stands as a testament to the collective efforts of FCB ULKA, Clapper BOY Films, and the entire team involved in the film’s production.

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