Kanika Kapoor says was dealing with trauma on singing “Baby Doll”

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Kanika Kapoor

Kanika Kapoor recall and says – “I was dealing with a lot of trauma and going through several ups and downs in my personal life when I was offered the song. When I understood the meaning of ‘Yeh duniya pittal di, Baby doll main sone di’, I sang it with a vengeance, which is quite sad. But I sang it with all my heart and people connected with it.”

She is right now among the leading names in the world of Punjabi music and just came out with Jugni 2.0. However, she doesn’t support the remix trend in Bollywood and finds some of them almost “pathetic”. “Some are insane, some are pathetic. I am also doing them and I hope that the ones I do. I don’t kill them because it’s just ridiculous. They’re picking up a beautiful Hemant Kumar song and killing it; it’s not the best idea.”

Kanika did share that – “During this phase, I was very sad and disturbed. Because I was getting death threats, my kids were getting threats like you should kill yourself. Lot of nasty messages were sent to us which was not nice. A lot of people also said that her career is finished. But nobody realised that she is a single mother and after doing so much of hard work. And staying away from her kids she has made this career.”

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